Bike Sharing Made Easy

Renting a nextbike has always been easy. With our new technology, nextbikes are now even smarter.

Our smart bike is equipped with an on-board computer which controls an electronic locking mechanism in the front fork. GPS allows the bike to be located precisely.

How It Works


nextbikes can be easily located using our mobile app. Simply enter the bike number to receive the lock code. Enter the code into the on-board computer and press OK and the bike is unlocked automatically. Secure the cable lock in its holder at the basket and you’re ready to ride!


You can park your nextbike anytime during your ride. To take a break, engage the cable lock and choose the parking option using the bike’s on-board computer. Enter the lock code displayed in the app to unlock the bike again.


To return the bike, insert it into a free rack and lock the nextbike with the cable lock. Choose the return option using the on-board computer and you get a confirmation after just a few seconds. If there is no free rack left, you can leave the bike next to the station and lock it on itself.

Rent by App

nextbike App

Find a nextbike, get on it and off you go: any time of the day, with your smartphone. All you need is the nextbike app, which will show you all available bikes and stations. To rent a bike, enter the bike number or scan the QR code.

Everything at a glance: manage your account, redeem vouchers, give feedback or contact our customer service team directly. To return your nextbike, simply select the station or retrieve the location via GPS.


nextbike Worldwide

nextbike currently operates bike sharing systems in more than 100 cities in 18 countries around the globe.

Smart Bike Projects

  • Flashfleet at Kent State University

    Flashfleet Kent State

    In September 2015, Flashfleet was launched at Kent State University.

    The new bike sharing program powered by nextbike features a total of 60 smart bikes. Stations are located throughout the campus and downtown Kent (Ohio).

    More information
  • SkyBike West Palm Beach

    SkyBike West Palm Beach

    Since June 2015, the SkyBike fleet is rolling in West Palm Beach (Florida).

    A total of 150 smart bikes are available at a dozen stations throughout the city.

    Learn more
  • Healthy Ride Pittsburgh

    Healthy Ride Pittsburgh

    Our first bike sharing scheme in the United States, Healthy Ride, was launched in May 2015.

    500 smart bikes are available at 50 stations in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), connecting a total of 11 neighborhoods.

    Visit website
  • KVB-Rad Cologne

    KVB-Rad Cologne

    Developed on behalf of the public transport company KVB, Cologne’s bike sharing system KVB-Rad was launched in May 2015.

    The program features 950 bikes and is operated as a free floating system, which means that customers can rent and return bikes at every street intersection within the city centre.

    Visit website (in German)
  • MOL Bubi Budapest

    MOL Bubi Budapest

    In September 2014, nextbike launched the world’s largest smart bike program in the city of Budapest.

    Consisting of 1,100 bikes, the system called MOL Bubi is very successful and highly popular among residents and tourists alike.

    Learn more


Business Modell nextbike

nextbike has developed various business model options in order to profitably finance a public
bike sharing system.For more information about our business model, please visit


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